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I’m Melanie Jatsek and I can’t wait to help you look and feel amazing…without dieting! Forget the number on the scale. The key to your most fabulous self lies in your Health Color—a visual grade of how well you are taking care of yourself. It helps you make intentional choices so you can build the healthy, beautiful body you were meant to live in. It’s not about making perfect choices…just better ones. Stick around and let’s be imperfect together!

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The hard truth about weight loss

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Plus: Mel’s weekly product pick:  Maca Root Powder Mel’s weekly recipe pick:  No-Bake Cranberry Coconut Mood-Boosting Bites   I laid it on pretty thick in last week’s post, didn’t I? I told you that in order for your body to return to the weight that... Read More...

No-Bake Cranberry Coconut Mood-Boosting Bites

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Don’t let their size fool you; these little bites are rich in antioxidant, mood-boosting ingredients like maca root powder and cacao nibs. Other Earthfoods worth mentioning in this recipe: unsweetened coconut flakes and ground flaxseeds! Held together with “peanut only” crunchy peanut butter (the oily/drippy... Read More...

Let’s talk about weight loss

Thursday, November 08, 2018

Plus: Mel’s weekly product pick:  Mushrooms  Mel’s weekly recipe pick:  30-Minute Immune-Boosting Mushroom Soup   If you are serious about losing weight, I need you to really tune into what I am about to say… Stop trying to lose weight. Wait…what? The one thing that... Read More...

30-Minute Immune-Boosting Mushroom Soup

Thursday, November 08, 2018

I just can’t get enough of soup this time of year, and mushroom is one of my favorites because of its earthy flavor and hearty nature. While some don’t prefer the chewiness of cooked mushrooms, I LIVE for it! 🙂 Mushrooms have some serious bragging... Read More...