Day 14: You Did It!


Today’s Food For Thought:

“Because you woke up. Because you are breathing. Because you have a fresh 24-hours to make a difference in the health of your body. That’s why today is so special.” ~Melanie Jatsek

Today’s Message:

Today is the last day of the 14-Day Healthy YOU Challenge. You. Did. It!!! I didn’t doubt for a second that you would. I am so very proud of you!

Before we get into today’s challenge let’s start today off with our two favorite questions:

  1. What is your Health Color today, right now? Red? Orange? Yellow? Green? Blue? Purple?
  2. What color do you want to be today?



 The good news about day fourteen—it’s only the beginning. A world of healthy opportunity awaits you around every corner, with every choice you make. I helped you light the fire and get a jumpstart to the healthiest you possible, but it’s up to you to keep that fire burning. I have no doubt that you will…

Listen to today’s audio message to learn more!                                                     

Day 14 Audio Message:

Make it happen!

Today’s Power Steps:

  1. Keep going! Keep packing that Feedbag and continue tracking your food to make these habits even stronger! You will find a blank copy of the Healthy YOU Tracking Sheet below.
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  3. Stay connected with your Healthy YOU Challenge community. I’d love to see you around and learn about all of your success!

Healthy YOU Toolkit:

Healthy YOU Meal Planning Template
Sample Healthy YOU Meal Planning Template
Healthy YOU Breakfasts
Healthy YOU Lunches
Healthy YOU Dinners
Healthy YOU Snacks
Good-4-YOU Food Tables

Healthy YOU Tracking Sheet

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