Day 2: The Wonderful World of Water!


Today’s Food For Thought:

“Endurance is one of the most difficult disciplines, but it is to the one who endures that the final victory comes”
~The Buddha

Today’s Message:

Today is day two of the 14-Day Healthy YOU Challenge. Yesterday you learned about the challenge—both what it is and isn’t. You also learned how it can help you really live in your body. So let’s start today off with two simple questions:

  1. What is your Health Color today, right now? Red? Orange? Yellow? Green? Blue? Purple?
  2. What color do you want to be today?



Remember, your health color is a visual measure of your level of inflammation and disease risk based on your food choices yesterday up until this point. At the two extremes, red is highly inflamed with high disease risk and purple means low inflammation and low disease risk. Whatever your color, please do not define yourself by it or beat yourself. It is simply a tool to help you build awareness that your actions do indeed create effects in your body. It’s your choice whether these effects are positive or negative.

If your color is anything less than you wish it to be, turn to your WHY statement and continue on with today’s challenge. Remember, your WHY statement is the answer to the question: Why do I want to make a change in my eating habits?” Hopefully you created your statement yesterday. If not, please do so now.

Today’s focus is on water. Fresh water symbolizes life and good health. People often ask me: “Melanie, what is the one thing I can start doing today to build a healthier body?” I always say: drink water! Why water? There are three good reasons…

Listen to today’s audio message to learn more!                                                     

Day 2 Audio Message:

Make it happen!

Today’s Power Step:

Look at all of the beverages you drink, including sodas, fruit drinks, juices, sweetened coffee beverages and artificially sweetened drinks and replace them with water. Aim for forty-eight ounces of water or more. Begin logging your daily water consumption under “Day 2” of your Healthy YOU Tracking Sheet. Keep in mind that each water drop icon symbolizes eight ounces of water.

Healthy YOU Toolkit:

How to make fruit-infused water
How to spot added sugars
Healthy YOU Grocery List

Healthy YOU Tracking Sheet

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