Day 3: Go Whole Grain!


Today’s Food For Thought:

“Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up”
~Thomas Edison

Today’s Message:

Hello everyone! Welcome to day three of the 14-Day Healthy YOU Challenge! Yesterday’s focus was on water and the goal was to drink a minimum of 48 ounces. Each day builds upon the previous day in the challenge, so today you will continue drinking the 48 ounces of water, replacing any sugary or artificially sweetened beverage with water or unsweetened iced tea or fruit-infused water. Before we get into today’s challenge let’s start today off with our two favorite questions:

  1. What is your Health Color today, right now? Red? Orange? Yellow? Green? Blue? Purple?
  2. What color do you want to be today?



Today you’re going to add some wholesome whole grains to the mix! First, let’s start with the question: Why whole grains? Unlike refined grains, like white bread and pasta, whole grains contain the entire grain kernel—the bran, endosperm and germ. And that’s important because studies have shown that eating as few as three daily servings of whole grain can reduce your risk of stroke, Type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Not a bad deal!

Listen to today’s audio message to learn more!                                                     

Day 3 Audio Message

Make it happen!

Today’s Power Steps:

  1. Eat a serving or two of whole grains at breakfast! Download your Healthy YOU Breakfasts meal plan sheet below and choose one of the seven sample breakfasts with a whole grain icon next to it.
  2. Begin logging your daily whole grain consumption on your Healthy YOU Tracking Sheet under Day 3.

Don’t forget to also continue logging your water!

Healthy YOU Toolkit:

Whole Grains That Slash Your Risk of Stroke
Good-4-YOU Food Tables
(look at Whole Grains only)
Healthy YOU Breakfasts
Healthy YOU
Grocery List
Healthy YOU Tracking Sheet


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