Day 8: Put It All Together


Today’s Food For Thought:

“What you focus on expands” ~Oprah Winfrey

Today’s Message:

Welcome to day eight. You’ve made it to week two of the 14-Day Healthy YOU Challenge. Congratulations!

Before we get into today’s challenge let’s start today off with our two favorite questions:

  1. What is your Health Color today, right now? Red? Orange? Yellow? Green? Blue? Purple?
  2. What color do you want to be today?



I’ve got some great news for you. From this point forward you won’t be adding any new food groups to the mix! Instead, you are going to use the next seven days to put everything together that you’ve learned so far. Let’s call this implementation week!

Listen to today’s audio message to learn more!                                                     

Day 8 Audio Message:

Make it happen!

Today’s Power Steps:

  1. Download your Healthy YOU Meal Planning Template below and plan your meals and snacks for the next seven days. Head out to the grocery store if you need to restock any ingredients.
  2. As you eat, continue logging your water, whole grains, vegetables, healthy fats, fruits and beans on your Healthy YOU Tracking Sheet under Day 8.

Healthy YOU Toolkit:

Healthy YOU Meal Planning Template
Sample Healthy YOU Meal Planning Template
Healthy YOU Breakfasts
Healthy YOU Lunches
Healthy YOU Dinners
Healthy YOU Snacks
Good-4-YOU Food Tables

Healthy YOU Tracking Sheet

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