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Eat cookies!

December 19th, 2011 | no comments

I must admit, I was just about to title this week’s post: “Healthier Holiday Cookies“, until I literally gagged at the thought. Seriously? Who the hell wants a healthy holiday cookie? We wait all year long for grandma’s famous sugar cookies and mom’s mouthwatering peanut butter blossoms, let’s not fool ourselves into believing that we’ll be satisfied with a fat-free oatmeal cookie. Yuck!

Here’s the deal: this holiday season, eat cookies—REAL cookies—but eat one or two per occasion. There’s really no good reason to eat more if you think about it. First, your taste buds experience the deliciousness of cookies most powerfully within the first few bites. After that, they lose their sensitivity and the flavors become more dull. Second (and most obvious), overdo it on the sweets and there will be more of you to love come January 1st!

Take a peek at the calorie-content of your favorite holiday cookies. Serving size = 1 cookie:

Chocolate chip: 110 calories
Gingerbread: 120 calories
Macaroon: 100 calories
Oatmeal raisin: 95 calories
Peanut butter: 125 calories
Peanut butter blossom: 150 calories
Rum ball: 75 calories
Snickerdoodle: 90 calories
Spritz (1 small): 60 calories
Snowball cookie: 75 calories
Sugar cookie: 100 calories
Thumbprint: 90 calories
White chocolate macadamia nut: 140 calories

During the holidays I make a conscious effort (ok…it’s not really an effort) to eat one cookie every night with a small glass of skim milk. And believe me when I tell you this- by January 1st, I’m sick to death of them! Could I eat more than one or two? Sure! But because I’m ALLOWED to eat more, I don’t WANT more.

Click here for my favorite holiday cookie recipe: Snickers Cookies Think snicker bar wrapped in peanut butter cookie dough! Calorie content? Don’t know…don’t care!


Get FREE tips and tiny slices of motivation to help you live a healthier life...without giving up chocolate!

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