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Mind your “eating” manners

January 2nd, 2012 | no comments

It’s the start of the New Year. A time for change. For most of us, this change involves some combination of diet and exercise.

I have one piece of wisdom to share in the “eating” category that doesn’t involve memorizing the calorie and fat content of your favorite foods. Nor does it involve downloading the latest diet app on your smart phone. In fact, once mastered, this skill has the ability to save you hundreds of calories each week…and you won’t even miss them! You know what hundreds of calories saved per week means, right? Tightening your belt another notch! And that’s not even factoring in exercise! Here it is:


So what does it mean to eat mindfully? In a nutshell, it means stop eating just because it’s there or because you can. That’s the single biggest culprit in the “Battle of the Bulge”. Think about it for a second- do you find yourself doing any of the following?

  • Loading up on bread the minute the server places in on your table
    STOP! You didn’t order it, so why are you eating it? Your meal will taste so much better.
  • Eating the dessert that’s served as part of your meal.
    Do you eat a hunk of cake when you eat dinner at home? Didn’t think so!
  • Order a gargantuan muffin or slice of pastry with your Starbucks beverage?
    Why? All you’re doing is filling up on saturated fat-rich calories that your body doesn’t want OR need.
  • Order a gargantuan tooth-rotting beverage to go with your Starbucks saturated fat-rich pastry?
    If your goal is unintentional weight gain, you’re well on your way!
  • Polish off a box of cookies while watching TV?
    Congratulations! Do you want a cookie? Remember, there’s no Cracker Jack prize at the bottom!

Mastering the skill of mindful eating is not easy. It takes work. But think about it this way: would you rather work at a diet that, let’s face it, won’t work anyways? Or focus your energy on a task that has the potential to change your life and body size for good? I thought so!

Here’s the first step. Ask yourself this one question each and every time you’re about to eat:

Why am I eating?

If you’re hungry, is it “head” hunger or “belly” hunger? If it’s “head” hunger, figure out what’s making you turn to food and deal with it! If it’s belly hunger, feed yourself. Don’t overfeed yourself like a prize pig! Eat slowly and with purpose. As soon as you feel satisfied…STOP! Remember, you don’t get a prize for cleaning your plate. Those extra calories will either be wasted on your plate or on your body (in the form of FAT!)

Don’t worry! Of course there’s a place for that slice of cake at the end of your meal and that gargantuan Starbucks beverage, it’s called a special occasion.

You are worth it. Your body is worth it. I believe in you. Believe in yourself.

Happy New Year friends!

Get FREE tips and tiny slices of motivation to help you live a healthier life...without giving up chocolate!

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