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5 Healthy snacks under 200 calories

June 6th, 2012 | no comments

Snacks are an important piece of the “healthy diet” puzzle. Not only do they help prevent overeating at your next meal, but they also supply important vitamins and minerals that can be difficult to get in just three meals a day.

The key to healthy snacking is to combine a portion of carbohydrate (fruit, vegetables, whole grains, milk/yogurt) with a small portion of protein (egg, nuts/nut butters, cheese, edamame, lean meat, fish.) Here are five healthy snacks to get you started:


Snack 1:

1 hard-boiled egg + 1 small orange = 160 calories
(Compare to: 6 pack of Hostess Powdered Donettes = 360 calories)
Calories saved = 200

Snack 2:

1 Quaker Chocolate Crunch rice cake + 1 tablespoon almond butter = 160 calories
(Compare to: 2 ounce snack bag of Famous Amos Chocolate Chip Cookies = 290 calories)
Calories saved = 130

Snack 3:

8 oz Low Sodium V8 Juice + 1 string cheese = 130 calories
(Compare to: 1.75 ounce bag of Doritos = 250 calories)
Calories saved = 120

Snack 4:

2 tablespoons raisins + 1 tablespoon dark chocolate chips + 1/2 ounce peanuts = 195 calories
(Compare to: Snickers Candy Bar = 280)
Calories saved = 85

Snack 5:

1 cup sliced red pepper strips + 1/4 cup edamame + 1 whole grain mini bagel = 175 calories
(Compare to: 2 Frosted Strawberry PopTarts = 400 calories)
Calories saved =  225

The bottom line: Snacks should be thought of as mini meals, not a license to pig out on your favorite potato chip or candy bar. All it takes is a little bit of planning and you can save thousands of calories (and sugar grams, saturated fat grams, milligrams of sodium) each year. By choosing more nutritious snacks, you’ll also notice a significant boost in your energy level throughout the day!

Get FREE tips and tiny slices of motivation to help you live a healthier life...without giving up chocolate!

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