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What is YOUR Health Color?

November 4th, 2013 | no comments


  • You want to get healthy.
  • You want to stay healthy.
  • You aren’t happy about the food choices you’ve been making.
  • You’re frustrated beyond belief that you haven’t made time for exercise…because you know you should be doing it.

These are all practical reasons to begin making positive changes in your eating and exercise habits aren’t they? So go ahead…get started!




What are you waiting for?

HELLO! Don’t you care about your health? Get going!

Doesn’t quite work like that does it? Sometimes just having a reason isn’t enough, is it? Let’s face it, you know what you should be doing to get healthy…but why aren’t you doing it? Or if you’re already doing it…why don’t you keep doing it? Why is it that you can often have the best of intentions, but then something always gets in the way? I’m pretty sure you don’t actually wake up saying “I can’t wait to eat like crap today and skip my workout!”

So what exactly are your roadblocks? What’s stopping you from living in the healthiest body imaginable?

  • Is it lack of motivation? Maybe. But I can tell you that I’ve worked with some of the most amazingly motivated individuals on the face of the planet and even they struggle to stay on track at times.
  • Is it the gentle calling of your name by those bags of chips, bars of candy and cartons of ice cream lining the shelves of your favorite grocery store? It certainly doesn’t help matters! Why do they have to be so damn seductive?
  • Is it the plethora of unhealthy restaurants found on the corner of virtually every main intersection on your way to work? You know, the ones your car has been to so many times… it drives itself there?
  • Is it your “all or nothing” attitude? The one that has you convinced that if you eat a piece of chocolate you’ve “blown it”…so you might as well eat the cookies in the cupboard and the five slices of leftover pizza in the fridge? That attitude sucks! So get rid of it or you’ll be doomed to fail before you even get started!

Some or all of these may play a role in keeping you stuck. But there’s more. In fact, I am convinced the one thing keeping most people (including YOU) from being all that they can be, is the absence of consistent and persistent body visualization. Put another way, when faced with a decision, they aren’t routinely visualizing the inside of their body and asking themselves “How will this choice affect the health of my body?”

For example, everyone knows that the human body requires approximately 7-8 hours of sleep each night. But it’s so easy—in our crazy busy lives, with endless deadlines and responsibilities—to skimp on sleep. BUT, lack of sleep increases inflammation in your body and paves the way for disease. Are you visualizing your insides all red and agitated? Now imagine getting a full 8 hours of sleep. Your body is now in a state of rest and repair. Your insides are nice and cool. Do you see the colors blue and purple?

What if you could actually see the effects of your food choices? What if you could take a peek inside of your body and witness the magic of those fresh blueberries you just ate for breakfast? Would it make a difference? Would you eat blueberries more often?

Of course you can’t open yourself up and look around, but what’s stopping you from visualizing? Just for today, I want you to pretend you have eyes on the inside of your body. With every choice you make, visualize yourself glowing different colors (let’s call these Health Colors) based on the quality of that choice. Red is inflamed and unhealthy; purple is cool and healthy (you just made a really good choice and your body is fighting to prevent disease!)

The power of consistent and persistent body visualization is like unknowingly having a check for five million dollars in your pocket (made out to you). YOU have this gift. YOU can visualize. Endorse it and use it to help you be the best that you can be. To live in a strong and healthy body that YOU helped create.

The goal here isn’t to separate choices into good versus bad. But rather, use it as a tool to help you make wiser choices. So if you skipped your workout today but ate a diet rich in fruits and vegetables to make up for it, maybe your Health Color is green. See how this works? There’s no right or wrong answer. Use your imagination and make it fun!

As I’m writing this newsletter, I am on a flight to Las Vegas. I can’t help but wonder, that if the gentleman sitting next to me were to unwrap his gift of visualization and witness the red glowing internal aftermath of wolfing down that big bag of licorice-flavored Jelly Bellies (and 12 oz. Coke), would he drink water and eat just a handful next time?

What is YOUR Health Color at this very moment?

How will your next choice affect the health of YOUR body?


Get FREE tips and tiny slices of motivation to help you live a healthier life...without giving up chocolate!

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