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4 Ways to NOT Lose Control This Thanksgiving

November 25th, 2013 | no comments


  1. Wear your “skinny pants” to dinner
    Instead of treating Thanksgiving as the day you show up wearing your “fat pants” (you know, the ones that stretch to the ends of the earth, allowing you inhale a gargantuan volume of food) and eat like it’s your job, put on those skinny pants you have hanging in your closet instead! You know, the ones you wear when you want to look your best…and that actually fit. For the record…I’m pretty sure they aren’t the blue sweatpants!
  2.  Open your refrigerator door
    And take a look at the gallon of milk sitting on the top shelf. This is the size of your stomach when it’s filled to maximum capacity (128 ounces) and what I call “Thanksgiving Day” stuffed. Do you really want to eat that much? For the record…I’m not kidding!
  3. Eat like it’s tomorrow!
    Before you sit down to eat, visualize yourself on Friday, November 29th and say “I am so glad I didn’t overdo it yesterday.” In other words, paint the picture of YOU tomorrow and live that picture today!  For the record…this really works!
  4.  Don’t eat fruit for dessert (unless you really want it)
    I am so sick of the suggestion by well-meaning health professionals to “eat fruit for dessert.” I can’t stand it! Really? Eat fruit for dessert on the one day of the year you are blessed with mom’s delicious pumpkin pie? Eat dessert. Eat a small portion of pie (3-4 forkfuls) and savor every single bite. Or, sample 3-4 forkfuls of 3-4 different desserts! Otherwise, you’ll end up eating the fruit (when what you REALLY want is mom’s pumpkin pie) and then gorging on sweets later in the evening. Just eat the damn pie! Unless of course you really want fruit, then it’s totally cool! For the record…I NEVER eat fruit for dessert on Thanksgiving!

For the record…I am so very thankful for YOU this holiday season. Have a happy, healthy and totally-in-control Thanksgiving!

Get FREE tips and tiny slices of motivation to help you live a healthier life...without giving up chocolate!

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