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“I’ll start Monday”: A recipe for failure

February 28th, 2014 | no comments


When was the last time you said to yourself: “I’ll start on Monday”? Whether it’s eating a more nutritious diet or beginning an exercise program, when Monday arrives you look at the task before you and it seems just too much to handle…so you do nothing.

“I’ll start on Monday” translates into “I’m not really serious about making a change.” Empty promises and half-ass attempts do nothing to lower your sky-high cholesterol levels and do nothing to help you fit back into your favorite pair of jeans (you know…the ones that make your butt look amazing!) The problem? You’re attacking this beast from the wrong angle! Instead of grandiose and 180-degree change, think small and think now. Good things come to those who don’t wait!

Good habits take on a life force of their own and are much more powerful than the bad ones. Take for instance the decision to become more physically active. You begin with a commitment to walk around the block. After the walk, you notice that you have a little more energy and feel pretty positive about yourself. Because you feel so good, you choose to eat an apple for your mid-morning snack instead of your usual chocolate doughnut. Do you see how this works? Good habits breed good habits. Your body feels better and you feel better about yourself. Before you know it, your bad habits fade away like the latest fad diet.

The key to building an empire of good habits is to think small–that way your entire life won’t feel like it’s being turned upside down. Change can be a scary thing, so make it less intimidating by focusing on one small thing at a time. The results will amaze you!

What one small habit can you begin to build today..right now? Exchange your morning doughnut for a piece of fruit? Take a walk around the block? Do your body some good right now! Because good things come to those who don’t wait until Monday (unless of course you are reading this on a Monday) 🙂

Get FREE tips and tiny slices of motivation to help you live a healthier life...without giving up chocolate!

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