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In September of 2015, I had an epiphany:

Missing Peace.

Boom! Just like that, the title flashed before my eyes. 

I explored it a bit more and began to feel a strong urge to write a book that shared all of the pieces that people tend to ignore (or miss) when they set out to improve their health.

I got super inspired because I now had the platform to share my knowledge and passion with the world. It’s what I’ve felt for years and the source of my frustration when friends, family or clients would hop on the next diet. Instead of being supportive, I would shoot it down and become angry. Angry at myself because I couldn’t help them. At one time, I was them and I knew deep down where this diet would lead them. They didn’t need another diet; they needed a deeper understanding of themselves and their immense power. They needed to understand the missing pieces in their lives that were keeping them from achieving lasting peace with their food, body, and health. Peace that is their birthright.

The concept of my book, Missing Peacewas born out of a burning desire to share my message with the world. To share the lessons I learned in hopes that it will help just one person. I’ve always said that if I can help change just one person’s life for the better, I could die tomorrow at peace. This book is for that one person—you. 

Missing Peace is for the open minded. The self-blamers who are sick and tired of the uphill struggle, the topsy turvy, loop de loop battle with food and their health. It is for you my friend, you know who you are. The one who feels lost and not quite sure where to turn. The one who awakens every morning in despair, believing that this is the best life has to offer. You have no idea how misled you are.

If you have an open mind and are ready to learn more, check out Missing Peace.

If you don’t know where else to turn, check out Missing Peace.

I promise you, this experience will be like turning on the light switch in the dark room of your life.

With so much love and gratitude for YOU.


Mel’s weekly food pick:
Ashwagandha Root

According to the BareOrganics website: Ashwagandha is a coveted herb in Ayurveda, a system of traditional, natural healing with origins in India. The root is the most beneficial part of this small shrub and is well known for its energizing properties, coining the name, “Indian Ginseng.”

Ashwagandha has been identified as having adaptogenic properties, which are thought to be able to support the body’s natural response to stress.

By itself, ashwagandha is on the bitter side, so it is best when mixed in smoothies, energy bite recipes, tonics (like Moon Milk ), and fudge! See this week’s recipe pick below for Chill-the-Hell-Out Fudge

Ashwagandha also comes in capsule form. Check out Ancient Apothecary’s Fermented Ashwagandha or Gaia’s Ashwagandha Root.

Mel’s weekly recipe pick:

Chill-the-Hell-Out Fudge












Get FREE tips and tiny slices of motivation to help you live a healthier life...without giving up chocolate!

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