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Are You Eating at “Home” or in a Fog?

March 28th, 2019 | no comments

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Most of us go through life without even the slightest recognition of the intelligence of our body. In fact we can’t even begin to comprehend how powerful and mysterious this gift of a human body really is. Understand, when you are living in a place of peace, your body knows what to do and how best to take care of itself.  


Home is within YOU

Within you rests a gentle, quiet space. It’s where the deeper part of you resides, and when you connect with it, you feel at Home (capitalization intentional and to be interpreted in whatever way resonates with you).


Here are my thoughts…


Home is a place. One of peace and trust, and also the source of your greatest power. When you pay a visit, you feel good, and possible…and for no reason in particular. You make better food choices with greater ease and treat yourself with gentle love and kindness. There is a sense of clarity, even if just for a split second, and a subtle knowing that you are whole, and all is well.

Although you may only visit for a moment here and there, rest assured, Home is always open and waiting for you to enter any time you choose. I am here to tell you that when you make decisions from this place, you will never feel the need to find another diet to rescue you.

Because you are already rescued…you just don’t know it yet.  


Babies don’t battle food

Yes, the door to your Home is always open. And no, you don’t have to be an enlightened master to enter.

Don’t believe me? Find an infant to observe for an hour or so. They live in peace quite evidently and brilliantly. Really, if they are already Home, where else is there to go? And why would they want to live anyplace else? It’s familiar; a place of knowing.

You never witness a baby at war with her body, nor does she suffer an internal battle with food. Furthermore, you won’t catch her chowing down on pureed bananas when her diaper is wet. In fact, you’ll soon be wearing those bananas if you attempt to feed her rather than change her diaper. She intuitively knows what she needs. She is born knowing.

Don’t you get it?

You were that baby…born knowing. You simply forgot. 


The foggy lure of diets

Far too many people are living in dysfunction with food. They see their body as enemy number one; they don’t trust it, and as a result, treat it as such. Unhappy with the current state of their health and lost with no functioning road map to get back Home, instead of tapping into their own internal GPS, the map they choose is a diet or plan created by someone else.

When it fails them (and it will!), yet another layer of fog emerges, clouding their path Home. Sure it appears to be a pretty reliable map, but in reality it is nothing more than an illusion; a distraction.

Listen, I am not suggesting that specific styles of eating don’t produce better health (i.e. Paleo, pescatarian, vegetarian, etc.), nor am I here to debate any of them.

But do you know who these plans work for long term?

Those who have faith in themselves. Those who sense on some deep level (even if they aren’t conscious of it), who they really are.  


Peace in 24-hours? Is it possible?

The truth is, in as little as 24-hours, anyone can achieve peace with their food, body, and health. Actually, you can go Home in a literal instant. I am living proof of this, and believe me, I am not equipped with any unique and special powers that you don’t have too.

Yes, given the proper tools, you absolutely can lift the thick layer of fog created by years of serial dieting.  

This fog I’m referring to represents a level of unconsciousness that can be summed up in one statement:


We have forgotten who we really are and what we are truly capable of becoming.


But Mel, I’m living in fog 24-7! How do I get back Home?

The only way to lift the fog and make your way back Home, is to be completely present for this moment, as it is. Do not judge it or wish it were different. Just be here…now.

Presence is everything. As it is here you are connected to your true power, to who you really are.

Let’s go back to the tiny little infant– tiny, yet a seasoned master at living in peace. How did they get so good without reading a single book, a speck of training and zero life experience? They are always living in the present moment and therefore always connected to who they really are…whether they know it or not.


The easiest way to practice presence (which can also be described as being still, fully aware or fully conscious) is to place your full attention on your breath.


Think about it, your breath is the perfect entry point into presence because you can only breathe in this moment– not in the past or future, which is where we spend the majority of our mental lives. Yes, your breath is the powerful potion that lifts the fog. It’s your roadmap Home.


What really happens when I’m Home?

Listen, I’m not promising 100% clear blue skies in 24-hours, but a slight lifting of the fog with every moment of presence you bring to your day. And with that comes a more peaceful existence, including:

  • A little more control over your food choices
  • Stripping of guilt as it relates to your food 
  • A taste of freedom from the food prison in which you are presently locked
  • Development of delightful cravings for food that will help you heal and thrive

Now hear me because I really need you to get this:


Peace in your life— in your health, with your body, and with your food— depends on one thing and one thing only:

The intensity of your connection to who you really are.

This is the source of all of your power.


Pizza may be the right choice


Let’s say your meals currently consist of: a default donut in the office lunch room for breakfast, vending machine chips as a midday snack, a lunch sub from the local deli, and take-out pizza for dinner.  

Now, I’m not saying for one instant that donuts, chips, sub sandwiches and pizza are something you should feel bad about. Nor am I saying that you didn’t have the best intentions for a healthy day when you woke up in the morning. What I am saying is that it all boils down to the state of consciousness with which you made those choices.

Was it a default, foggy, disconnected, ego-driven, unconscious choice? Or an intentional, full-body choice coming from a place of presence, connectedness, and inner peace? In other words, were you Home when you made the choice?

If you were Home, it was the right choice.


SIDE NOTE OF CAUTION: Fooling yourself into believing you are Home (when in reality you’re in the middle of London fog) is very easy to do. Don’t fall victim to this sneaky ego-driven behavior!

Home feels like harmony

The stronger your connection, the more inner harmony and ease you will feel. It’s as simple as that.

And you won’t even be able to clearly articulate at first, the effortlessness of your decision to pack a small container of raw veggies for your midday snack. It would appear as if something outside of you made the choice.

Please make no mistake, that something is alive and always burning within you. All you will be able to say is that it felt like the right choice. And you felt it because you were connected to the real you in that moment.

I promise, if you remain committed to staying as present as possible, the fog will lift a little more with each passing day. Soon you will see so clearly that you really are the answer you’ve been seeking…and you’ve been Home all along.  


Let me leave you with this…

You are always just one conscious breath away from activating presence.


If you loved this post and want to go even deeper, check out my new book:
Missing Peace: Eleven Secrets to Restore Inner Harmony with Your Food, Body, and Health. 

Mel’s weekly food pick: 
GT’s Kombucha


It took me awhile to jump on board the kombucha wagon, but now I am hooked! Like red wine, it’s an acquired taste. 

Kombucha is a naturally effervescent, fermented tea rich in probiotics (friendly bacteria), amino acids, polyphenols, and active enzymes. Due to its fermented nature, it takes on a tangy flavor similar to apple cider vinegar (like I said, it’s an acquired taste). 

Look for varieties without the word “cane sugar” in the ingredient list. This includes GT’s entire “Enlightened” line:

  • Gingerade
  • Cayennade (my favorite)
  • Lemonade
  • Koffee
  • Trilogy
  • Original
  • And many others…

As you examine the contents of the bottle, you’ll notice the appearance of sediment/”floaties” hanging around. Don’t worry, it’s a GOOD thing! These are strands of healthy culture—an indication that the product is still living and active (therefore, it needs to be refrigerated). You’ll be tempted to shake the bottle to mix it up, but I’d advise against that…unless you want it to spray all over you upon opening. 

When I drink a bottle of kombucha, I skip my probiotic supplement for that day. Why? Because every 16-ounce bottle of GT’s Enlightened Kombucha contains two billion living probiotics (at the time of bottling). 

How much should you drink? I’d say no more than a bottle a day. If you’re a kombucha virgin, start with half a bottle. 


Mel’s weekly recipe pick: 
Chocolate Morning Glory Muffins (flourless)











Get FREE tips and tiny slices of motivation to help you live a healthier life...without giving up chocolate!

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