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Scarcity Thinking = Food Preoccupation (and overeating)

May 29th, 2019 | no comments

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This should come as no surprise to you, but I take pride in going against the grain of the diet industry. I don’t fight it; I do the exact opposite… and it has worked beautifully in my life and in the lives of those I’ve had the pleasure of coaching over the years.

You may not realize it, but the diet industry promotes a scarcity mindset. Of course they don’t market it as such, but that’s exactly what it is.

How many times have you followed a diet or meal plan with these “scarcity language” guidelines?

“Don’t eat ___________”

“Eat only ___________”

“Limit yourself to ______________”


There’s something you should know about scarcity: as humans, we are born to fear it.


Scarcity thinking brings out your rebel nature

Tell me you don’t feel a little anxious when you imagine yourself: “having not enough money”, “running out of time”, or “having not enough food”. Read that last sentence again and really put yourself in the middle of each scenario.

Do you get a sinking feeling in your stomach? I know I do!

When a diet tells us we can only have so many calories, ounces, or servings (scarcity, scarcity, scarcity), it’s in our DNA to become totally preoccupied with food. It’s all we think about! Eventually we break down and eat more…even if we aren’t physically hungry.

Don’t you see? A scarcity mindset automatically places food on a pedestal and assigns it power. Resistance then builds and into self-sabotaging rebel-mode you go.

There’s another way.


Abundance thinking = total freedom

Rather than an “eat this not that” or “you can only have this much” approach, I promote an abundance mindset solution, whereby the decision of what and how much to eat is made through this lens:

You can have anything you want, in any amount you want, as long as you are making the decision from Home and checking in while you eat to assure you haven’t drifted into a fog. And if you have, all that’s required is a conscious breath and you’re back.

I call this Home-based eating


I’m confused Melanie! What do you mean by “Home”?

Within you rests a gentle, quiet space. It’s where the deeper part of you resides, and when you connect with it, you feel at Home (capitalization intentional and to be interpreted in whatever way resonates with you).

Home is a place of peace and trust, and also the source of your greatest power. When you pay a visit, you feel good…and possible. You make better food choices with greater ease and treat yourself with gentle love and kindness. There is a sense of clarity and abundance—a subtle knowing that you are whole, and all is well.

Although you may only visit for a moment here and there, rest assured, Home is always open and waiting for you to enter any time you choose. I am here to tell you that when you make decisions from this place, you will never feel the need to find another diet to rescue you.

To read more about how to practice Home-based eating, check out THIS POST.


Can you really trust yourself?

Without the structure of calories and rigid rules, can you really trust yourself? After all, when face-to-face with a double pepperoni pizza it would be so easy to convince yourself that you are practicing Home-based eating.

Let your cravings be your guide.

When you combine Home-based eating with the practice of relentless consistency, over time your cravings will shift towards those foods your body truly desires—called Earthfoodsand pizza will become a food you enjoy on occasion. This shift is something that comes naturally and with zero resistance.

Craving Earthfoods is a sign that your human and being sides have merged…and when that happens, you my friend have struck gold.


Total freedom NOW

Exchange that scarcity mentality for an abundance mindset and you will experience a sense of freedom…like when you were a small child. Remember those days?

When you combine abundance-thinking with Home-based eating, and come from a place of presence, your cravings will shift towards those foods that are worthy of going into your body. 

This is food freedom; and it’s available to you NOW. 


Mel’s weekly food pick: 
Bob’s Red Mill Red Lentils

Lentils are ancient (I’m talking 7,000BC!) edible legumes known for their lens-shape. They are an attractive option for quick and healthy meals because unlike beans, lentils require no soaking and are ready in 15-20 minutes.

An excellent source of protein, fiber, and iron, lentils function beautifully as a meat replacement in vegetarian recipes. 

You can find them in brown, green (French lentils), yellow, black, and red varieties, however the texture is not the same across the board. When cooked, brown, green and black lentils are firm, while red and yellow are more mushy and work well in blended recipes like soups, chili, veggie burgers, dips, and spreads (check out this week’s recipe pick below for Creamy Red Lentil Hummus).

I like to boil up an entire bag of Bob’s Red Mill Red Lentils and make multiple recipes. For example, this week I doubled the batch of Creamy Red Lentil Hummus and had plenty left over to bake up two loaves of Spicy Vegetarian “Meat” Loaf. 


Mel’s weekly recipe pick: 
Creamy Red Lentil Hummus

Get FREE tips and tiny slices of motivation to help you live a healthier life...without giving up chocolate!

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