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Stop the Chase: A Healthier You is Waiting

June 11th, 2019 | no comments


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Are you tired of feeling like a hamster on a wheel, chasing after good health with limited success? And just when you think you’ve got it…there it goes, like a feather being carried away by the wind.

When I ask people why they feel it’s so difficult to change their current lifestyle habits to achieve better health, I usually get answers like: “It’s too time consuming” or “I miss my favorite foods.” While both are legitimate, supporting reasons for falling off track, they are not at the core of why we really struggle to sustain healthy change.

Why do we really fail?

No, it’s not due to lack of willpower. Nor is it because we failed to find the perfect diet.

Now here this:

We fail because we continue to make choices as the version of ourselves we are trying to change. The one with aching joints, high cholesterol, and fifty extra pounds to lose. We aren’t living and making choices as if we already are in good health.

We aren’t living with the end in mind.

Understand, you can’t get “there” from “here”. In order for conditions to improve in your body, you must be open to the world of possibilities waiting for you when you have the courage to shift your mindset.  

Are you brave enough?

Are you courageous enough to stop the chase, shed the person you see in the mirror, and step into the shoes of the person you long to become? The one who is indeed waiting for your arrival? 


It begins with how you see yourself

This shift in mindset begins with changing how you see yourself. Let me tell you…it matters how you see yourself. It matters so much because:


How you treat your body– including what you feed it, whether you give it enough sleep and exercise– is directly related to how you see your body.


If you see and believe your body to be fat, unhealthy, diseased, broken, or any version of this, you will subconsciously make choices to keep yourself stuck in that body. You will choose the cheeseburger over the salmon at your favorite restaurant; instead of lacing up your tennis shoes, you will sit your butt on the couch; you will trade sleep for another sitcom episode you’ve seen a million times. Even though you instinctively know better, you will make the self-sabotaging choice because deep down you don’t feel worthy of anything better.

On the other hand, if you see and believe your body to be a healthy temple, a five-star resort, vibrant, strong, or any version of this, you will lather it with healthy habits. Because you sense your worthiness at a deep level, you will make choices to support this vision and keep it alive. 


Get out of “what-is” land and go Home

As I said above, you can’t get “there” from “here”. What I mean by that is, when you remain in a fog– in what I call “what-is land”– you are blind to your inherent worthiness. Seeing yourself as diabetic, overweight, or whatever your current ailments are, you can’t recognize the healthier, higher self that is waiting for you. Sustainable change in your eating and exercise habits becomes impossible.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen this play out in the lives of people I meet. While I know the reason they fell off track, they are in total darkness as to the true cause, and so they blame it on lack of willpower or some other factor.

Listen, I’m not asking you to fire your doctor and ignore your diagnosis, just stop identifying yourself by it. Take off the blinders, open your beautiful heart and mind, and become a witness to who you really are. When you are Home, in the presence of your light, your higher, healthier self is shining bright, waiting for you. (Click here to understand what it means to be at Home)

Salmon or cheeseburger? Take a walk or plop your ass on the couch? When you are Home, there’s no decision to be made…you just know.  

Want to put an end to the chase after good health? Well, then stop running and embody that which is waiting for you…and live from that end.

Don’t you see? It already exists within you, you just have to step into it.


End in Mind visualization exercise

Today, right this very moment, you are the sum total of all of your past thoughts and beliefs. If you aren’t happy with the results, step out of the fog, shift your beliefs, and start feeding yourself more affirmative thoughts. 

Spend a few minutes every morning practicing this visualization exercise:

Visualize yourself in a healthy, vibrant body. The one you’ve been chasing after and longing for. What does this body look and feel like? See it in great detail, as clear as your favorite piece of art. What clothes are you wearing? Where are you? What foods are you enjoying? Imagine yourself with lab results in hand…what do they say? How do you feel in this body? See yourself ordering a meal at your favorite restaurant– what do you choose? Believe you are deserving of it and that it is in fact waiting for you.

Once you can see it very clearly, it’s time to embody that person and begin making the choices they would make. For example, even though you may love them, a healthy and vibrant individual would not eat doughnuts for breakfast. It’s not that they forbid themselves, it would just be totally out of alignment with who they really are. It simply wouldn’t make sense.

Understand, this isn’t a matter of exercising willpower, but rather an almost unconscious practice of living with the desired end in mind.

Really, it’s about stepping into that which is waiting for you.



I can’t emphasize enough the importance of living as the end product of your desire and making choices from this place, as this person. Really feel yourself into it. Feel the energy as it courses through your veins. Take a good look in the mirror, believe and feel that you are this person.

The truth is, if your vision is strong and persistent enough, something you can’t get out of your mind, it is an indication that it’s already in you, waiting to be born.


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Get FREE tips and tiny slices of motivation to help you live a healthier life...without giving up chocolate!

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