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“Wholesome” is the New Healthy

October 9th, 2019 | no comments


Does the word “healthy” turn you off?  

It’s OK if you said yes, it’s sort of a loaded word after all. Be honest, when you think of a food being “healthy”, tell me you don’t picture twigs, tree bark and grass…tasteless food with enough roughage to sink a luxury cruise-liner.

Lately, I’ve been loving the word wholesome. It says so much, without making you feel like you’re signing on for a life of green juice and kale chips.


Wholesome defined…

Wholesome is defined as: promoting health or well-being of body, mind or spirit.

The meals my mom served growing up were wholesome…and comforting; nourishing, without being categorized as “healthy”. They were healthy, but we didn’t know it.

I can still remember the first intoxicating whiff of her homemade spaghetti sauce upon walking in the door after a long, hard day at John Glenn Elementary School 😉. There it sat, simmering all day in the giant stock pot, waiting to be savored. It was the scent of… home.  

Sometimes we get so caught up in the details of carbs, sugar, and fat– not to mention the added stress of a health diagnosis–that we forget one universal important fact: food is meant to be savored and enjoyed.


Two characteristics of a wholesome meal


In my eyes, a wholesome meal must take into account two elements: taste and quality. 

Taste without quality is called a Big Mac. 

Taste with quality is a grass-fed beef burger, served with mashed avocado, on a bed of greens, adorned with crumbled goat cheese, caramelized Brussels sprouts, roasted pecans and drizzled with extra virgin olive oil, fresh basil, and a few cranks of pink Himalayan sea salt (don’t forget to toss in a few fresh berries). 


Another example of a flavorful meal lacking in quality is a plate of pasta drenched in sugar-laced Ragu meat sauce with a side of cheesy garlic bread. 

A delicious meal with quality is a simple homemade meat sauce made with organic pork and organic grass-fed beef (cooked in the crock-pot while you’re away at work), served over butternut squash “noodles” and sprinkled with freshly grated Parmesan cheese. Oh…and a side of roasted garlicky broccoli!


Is your mouth watering yet? Try this wholesome meal idea


By the way, I made the above amazing meal over the weekend and my house smelled just like…home. It took me 10 minutes to brown the meat before work and 20 minutes to roast the broccoli and heat the “noodles” when I got home. To make this wholesomely delicious meal for your family, click HERE for the recipe .

Keep in mind, I made the following alterations:

  • True Story Organic Ground Pork (in place of loose pork sausage). If you can’t find True Story pork, any organic ground pork will do, or at the very least, a pork with no antibiotics or added hormones. 
  • Grass-fed organic beef (in place of ground beef). As above, if you can’t find organic grass-fed beef, choose grass-fed beef without antibiotics or added hormones. 
  • Ready-made butternut squash noodles (in place of making my own). Many grocery stores offer the convenience of fresh “noodled” vegetables in the produce department, or you can find them in the frozen food section too! 
  • Rather than the oven, I sautéed the butternut squash noodles stove-top in a bit of extra virgin olive oil, sea salt and pepper.   

To make the garlicky roasted broccoli, use this recipe.

Rather than consume yourself with calories, carbs, and fat, think wholesome. Ask yourself: is it both tasty AND of a quality worthy of grandma’s stamp of approval?

If yes, you’re golden! 

Get FREE tips and tiny slices of motivation to help you live a healthier life...without giving up chocolate!

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