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You ARE Well-Being (yes, you are!)

November 14th, 2019 | no comments
seed of well-being

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You are well.

Yes, you!

I don’t care:

  • who you are
  • what the mirror reflects
  • what your most recent lab test reveals…


Planted deep inside of you is the seed of well-being. 


This well-being is similar to that of a seed buried in a pot full of soil. When the proper conditions are met (i.e. temperature, oxygen, water, etc.), Mother Nature takes over and the seed begins to germinate.  

Yes, we all have the potential for better health, and the degree of its expression is dependent upon the hundreds of choices we make every day. 


What is the quality of your “soil”?

How would you describe the quality of your soil? Barren and dry? Or rich, fertile, and brimming with nutrients?

To answer this question, I invite you to open up and examine the storybook of your health. Are you experiencing dis-ease? How about those lab results? Are you proud of the outcome, or concerned?

With few exceptions (i.e. non-lifestyle-driven diseases such as juvenile diabetes and the like), if you are not experiencing the health you desire, this is due to a lack of persistent and consistently-practiced wholesome choices. I’m not talking perfection here… because what’s life without the occasional hot fudge sundae or slice of pizza? I’m referring to being relentlessly consistent in the quality of your choices.


When it comes to the health of your body, how relentlessly consistent are you in making choices to support the body you want to live in? 


Make no mistake, you absolutely have the seed of well-being planted inside of you; whether it sprouts or remains dormant is 100% up to you and completely under your control. 


Proof of your well-being: Homeostasis

Where’s the proof of this well-being? I’m so glad you asked, because I know you may be thinking this surely doesn’t apply to you, what with your aching knees and sky-high cholesterol and all.


Listen, you are NOT exempt from this inherent gift (no…you’re not!). Your body wants to be well so badly, that it will do everything in its power to return to well-being.

Formally defined, homeostasis means: any self-regulating process by which biological systems maintain stability while adjusting to conditions that are optimal for survival. 


Have you ever had a really strong craving for salty food after a sweaty workout? This is your body’s way of trying to replenish the sodium lost in your sweat. Similarly, when you’ve eaten too much salt, your internal thirst sensors go off and you must drink water. It’s a craving that can’t be satisfied any other way. This is homeostasis in action because too much sodium (or not enough), can be deadly.


How about that cut on your finger? Isn’t it amazing how your body knows exactly what to do to heal it? White blood cells rush to the injury site and the process of healing takes place. You don’t have to tell it to form a scab… it just does!


Your brilliant body is your ally—if you allow it to be. It knows exactly what to do heal itself if you trust it, feed it well, and then let it do its thing. Think of it like an entire ecosystem.


Your well-being ecosystem

Think of your inherent well-being as a single seed, planted in a larger ecosystem. Just like a tomato seed, it requires three things to bloom: nutrient-rich soil, water, and oxygen.


Consider the hundreds of choices you are tasked with making every day: what to eat; when to eat; to exercise (or not); when to go to sleep. I could go on and on.

Of course with each choice comes millions of options. For example, imagine you’re at the airport waiting for your flight; you get a little hungry and decide to take a walk around to check out your options. There are literally hundreds of menu items to choose from: soft pretzels, pizza, cookies, McDonald’s, Starbuck’s, potato chips, salads, etc.

I’d like you to think of the hundreds of choices you make each day, as collectively forming to determine the quality of the soil in which your seed is planted.


Higher quality choices act like water and vital nutrients to our “soil”, thereby providing the ideal conditions for our seed of well-being to sprout.

However, when unsupportive choices creep in and dominate, over time they pull water and nutrients out of our soil…and our seed remains dormant. As with every seed found in nature, the potential for germination always exists, but the conditions must be right.


It’s no different for you.


One single choice won’t destroy the quality of your soil, as long as you buffer it with an abundance of wholesome choices. 


Put yourself in your favorite restaurant. With menu in hand, you are faced with a decision of what to order.

Although you can’t physically see it, there exists an invisible gap, a tiny moment of space available to you before you commit to your choice.  Most of us step right over the gap and choose in a default, mindless manner without giving it any real consideration: seared salmon with a side of roasted vegetables or double pepperoni and sausage pizza? Duh…pizza of course!

But here’s the thing—when you stand in that gap and take a conscious breath, you are shining a bright light of awareness on your choice, which is akin to supplying essential oxygen to your seed of well-being.

You are in fact breathing life into your choice!

How does taking a breath nourish your seed of well-being? Your breath is the doorway into presence and the pipeline to where you want to be. Because you can’t breathe in the past or future, by pausing to take a fully focused breath, you actually force yourself into the present moment…and this moment is where all of your power lives.


This moment is life.


Since life is a continuous string of present moments, the more of them you choose to experience, the more powerful decisions you will make.


Are you fooling yourself?

How can you be sure you aren’t fooling yourself? After all, some would debate that as long as they are stopping to take a breath before they eat a cookie, they could technically eat cookies all day long.


It’s a brilliant argument!


Remember, we are living in an ecosystem here—your seed of well-being is nourished by both the quality of soil in which it’s planted (the average of your choices) and the oxygen it receives (the consciousness of the choice, achieved by taking a focused breath).

When you can strike a balance between more wholesome food and lifestyle choices and do it in a state of presence, you are able to enjoy a cookie or scoop of ice cream while still supporting the growth of your seed.

A sure way to tell if you’re on the right track, is by examining your current state of health. Are you full of energy, vitality, and life? If not, you’re out of balance!


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Get FREE tips and tiny slices of motivation to help you live a healthier life...without giving up chocolate!

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