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A 5-Step Plan to Undo Your Thanksgiving Binge

November 27th, 2019 | no comments


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Thanksgiving binge.


Need I say more? While you may not consider it a true binge, the truth is, most of us eat more than our body needs around the holidays. And that’s OK!


The worst thing you can do is say, “screw it! I messed up, so I might as well finish off that bowl of stuffing tonight!” Don’t look at it as messing up. You just participated in the human activity of overindulging. No worries; wash your hands and move on with this five-step plan to undo your Thanksgiving whoopsie and quickly reclaim your body…as if nothing ever happened.


Your 5-Step 24-Hour Post-Thanksgiving Binge Plan (do in this order):

This plan should be activated immediately (not the next day) and then followed for the next 24 hours. The purpose is to give you a mental and physical reset:

  • Mentally you are getting yourself back into self-care-mode, while honoring your “humanness”.
  • Physically you are helping your body–including those taste buds–recover from the rush of sugar, salt, and fat that it just received. If you don’t intervene soon, your body will continue to demand more sugar, salt, and fat. Remember…your body craves what you feed it most, so the sooner you turn that ship around, the better. 

I’m telling you, this plan works…IF you work it! 

STEP ONE: Take a breath and forgive yourself

There was no harm done. Really, there wasn’t! Dust yourself off and walk on over to step two. ↓↓↓


STEP TWO: Take a walk

A 10-minute (or longer if you feel inspired) walk outside right afterwards will help cleanse your body and mind. This isn’t for exercise or to “punish” yourself for overeating. It’s part of loving self-care.


STEP THREE: Lemonize!

Drink a 16-ounce glass of lemon water to flush out the gunk. Not only is lemon Mother Nature’s detoxifier, it also stimulates the digestive tract to keep things moving along 😁. After lemon water, make sure you drink a minimum of 48-ounces of water over the next 24 hours.

To step up your game, make a glass of Craving-Crusher Water. This powerful tonic is made with L-Glutamine powder, a multitasker ideal for fighting cravings, detoxification, and balancing blood sugar.


STEP FOUR: Take a 24-hour vacation

Make a choice to take a 24-hour vacation from processed food and added sugar…beginning that moment. If you say “tomorrow”, how much do you want to make a bet you’ll polish off the rest of that stuffing…and pie? Remember—you have 100% free will to eat the stuffing and pie. This is a choice you are making, without bondage.


STEP FIVE: Amp up your Earthfoods

Load up tomorrow’s meals with 75% (or more!) Earthfoods, in the presence of wholesome fat. Yes, you’re going to want to bump it up to help give your body a little detoxifying boost. Need a little help? Check out my 30-Day Whole Body Health Meal-Planning Guide

Sample post-binge menu:

      • Breakfast: Tropical Turmeric Peace of Health Shake or Triple-Layer Avocado “Toast”.
      • Lunch: A plateful of leafy greens with whatever chopped veggies you have on hand, raw almonds, hemp seeds, diced avocado, fresh berries, black beans, and a half-can of tuna (I like Wild Planet) or chopped hard-boiled egg. Drizzle with extra virgin olive oil and a splash of raw apple cider vinegar. Top with a couple of cranks of Himalayan sea salt and pepper.
      • Dinner: Fill three quarters of your dinner plate with a beautiful mix of roasted vegetables, then add a small amount of clean protein, such as grass-fed beef, salmon, or leftover turkey.

If you follow the plan as outlined above, I promise you will be right back on track. Thanksgiving binge? What binge?

Happy Thanksgiving my friend! I appreciate you more than you’ll ever realize…




Get FREE tips and tiny slices of motivation to help you live a healthier life...without giving up chocolate!

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