7-Day Perfectly Imperfect Holiday Challenge!


In celebration of the holiday season AND my new book, Missing Peace, I am challenging you to be imperfect! 

This is a challenge I just know you are going to love! PLUS, if you complete it, you will have a shot at winning:

  • One of five signed copies of my new book: Missing Peace! 
  • One lucky winner will also have the opportunity to come grocery shopping with me (northeast Ohio area only) and learn how to stock a kitchen with all of the healthy essentials. Complete grocery list and meal ideas will be included (A $400 value).


The 7-Day Perfectly Imperfect Holiday Challenge will run from December 2nd through December 15th. You can start it any time within the first week, as long as you complete your seven consecutive days by the 15th! Drawing will take place on December 22nd!


Here are the rules:

  1. For SEVEN consecutive days you will take four food photos:
    • One photo will be of a “Perfectly Imperfect Food” (PIF) that you ate that day (without guilt!).
    • Three photos will be of health-rocking Earthfoods that you ate that day. Click HERE for a list of Earthfoods.
  2. At the end of each day, post all four photos on your Facebook wall.
  3. Tag me in your post so that I know you completed the challenge for that day. Tag me using: @melaniejatsek 

That’s all there is to it! 

Keep in Mind:

  • In order to tag me in your daily post, you must send me a friend request if we aren’t Facebook friends already: https://www.facebook.com/melaniejatsek
  • If you don’t regularly eat PIFs (which, if you are a human being, is VERY rare), I’m not asking you to ADD them, but rather create space for them in the larger picture of your diet if you DO eat them. If you happened to not eat any PIFs on a particular day, just post your three health-rocking Earthfoods and tag me.

What’s the rationale for this challenge Melanie?

Most challenges initiated by those in the health and wellness space, typically involve asking you to restrict entire classes of “bad” foods, while expecting you to eat nothing but tree bark…and wash it down with a green juice.

This can backfire big time, especially if you break down and eat a “bad” food. Can you say binge?! 

The 7-Day Perfectly Imperfect Holiday Challenge is designed to help you make peace with your humanness and remove the guilt from food. After all, the holidays are supposed to be a time of peace.

You are asked to embrace the fact that you are a perfectly imperfect human being by making room for “perfectly imperfect foods” (PIFs) in your daily life, rather than swearing them off (which never works). I wrote an entire post on this subject last week. It will be worth your while to give it a quick read. Click HERE to read the post.

What can I expect from the 7-Day Perfectly Imperfect Challenge?

A profound level of control over your food choices and deep trust in your ability to do what is right for you. Plus, don’t be surprised if you find yourself craving more Earthfoods by the end! 

What Exactly are Perfectly Imperfect Foods (PIFs):

Perfectly imperfect foods are foods that tend to lack nutrition and, when overeaten on a regular basis, can cause problems for people. They are the exact opposite of Earthfoods!

They include sweets (excluding dark chocolate), sugar-sweetened (and artificially sweetened) beverages, breads, pasta, alcohol, cheese, chips, ice cream, all processed foods and processed meats, pizza, fried foods, etc. You get the picture.


Drawings for all five copies of Missing Peace and Grocery Shopping with Mel will take place on December 22nd!