Healthy YOU Program

The Healthy YOU program was created because, quite frankly, I became fed up with the diet industry. As a registered dietitian, I noticed a striking pattern with most of my new clients. Up until that point, they had literally dieted themselves into unhealthy bodies and weight gain. Sharing in their frustration, I wanted to offer them a fresh new approach to healthy living…without dieting and without giving up chocolate! As a result, Healthy YOU was born!

Healthy YOU is a complete web-based health and wellness systemthat empowers you to make healthy choices. You can track and manage your daily food intake and exercise, and get instant feedback in the form of a “Health Color.” Your Health Color is a measure of how your current habits affect your potential disease risk. This means no calorie-countingno strict meal plans and no giving up your favorite foods. Simply practice the habits you learn in the program and you will stay in the healthy color zone!

Listen as I share more about the program:

As a Healthy YOU member, you will receive:

  • 16 weekly motivational Power Session videos offering Melanie’s step-by-step expert guidance on nutrition and fitness
  • Private online Health Journal with interactive Power Body!
  • Melanie’s weekly motivational video emails, reminders, meal plans, quick and healthy recipes, hot new recommended “Food Picks” and more!
  • Healthy YOUGuidebook, Dining Guide, Recipe Guide & Grocery Guide
  • Program access for one full year!
  • Private online community for support and motivation
  • Healthy YOUToolkit loaded with everything you need to get and stay healthy!

Isn’t it time you did something just for you? You have to believe that you are 100% worth it…because you are!

Let me help you break your diet, get healthy and build the body YOU were meant to live in! Click HERE and then click the green JOIN NOW button at the bottom of the page.

I can’t wait to meet you!