Meet Mel


Welcome! It truly warms my heart that you are here.

My mission is to help you break your diet, take the confusion out of healthy eating and build sound eating habits to heal that precious body of yours.

Let me clarify a bit. By “heal” I mean not only in the physical sense, but also to mend the emotional scars caused by years of dieting. If you’ve ever dieted before, you know what I’m talking about don’t you? The guilt you feel when you eat a food that’s “forbidden” on the diet. The shame that follows after eating the entire bag of chips or candy…because after all, you just blew it, so you might as well go out with a bang! The negative self talk and name-calling: “I’m such a loser! I’m destined to be out of shape for the rest of my life.” The almost paralyzing fear that you will never gain control over your health and body.

The thing is, it’s not your fault! You weren’t built to stick to a diet. In fact, because it’s human nature to want what you’re not allowed to have and to want more than you are “permitted” to have, diets are actually the enemy of a healthy life balance. Think about it for a sec! The last diet you tried- did it forbid you from eating certain foods or food groups (wheat, dairy products, chocolate, potatoes, etc.)? Were you prescribed a set number of calories or “points?” Did you fail that diet? Did I just hear a big old “hell yeah“? Of course you failed it! That diet (or any diet for that matter) wasn’t compatible with your “humanness.” So in reality, you didn’t fail the diet…the diet failed YOU!

Enough of this bologna already!

Let me help you take control of your health, crave healthy food and look and feel fabulous…without dieting!

Yes, it is entirely possible. That’s the super-exciting part!

I believe the key to your most fabulous self is threefold: First you must make peace with food by stripping away any power or guilt you’ve ever assigned to it. Second, you must forgive yourself (because remember…it was the diet’s fault, not yours). Third, you must develop a healthy relationship with food by feeding your body a balance of Good-for-YOU foods with of course some fun sprinkled in (yeah, I’m talking chocolate here!) I will give you the tools to do all three and motivate the heck out of you in the process…so stick around!

"It's been about 3 weeks now since I started with my "Feedbag", and I've now lost 30 pounds. Had a couple days where I ate pretty good but still didn't chow down like I used to. We were given a surprise 25th wedding anniversary party by my daughters and many friends and family were there. Most were shocked at my weight loss. I told them that you get the credit for it, and I helped a little 🙂  Anyways, still going good. I hope to look chiseled from stone for my daughters wedding on the beach of Sanibel on Aug. 14th."


"In all my years of fighting my weight battle I have never met a person that is so dedicated to helping people live a healthy life. Your Healthy YOU program gives me the power and the education I need to succeed at being healthy for the rest of my life."


"Simply put ... Melanie is the real deal. Her passion and commitment to transforming lives is authentic and she has already made a significant impact in many people's lives ... and the impact is growing. Despite being a dietitian, Melanie is not about diets but rather about empowering people to take back control of their lives by thinking differently about what they eat. Even more vital, Mel's messages are designed to re-energize her clients and their employees so that they can live, function and perform to their highest potential. Melanie has had a significant impact in my life through our interactions and when she speaks, it's time to listen, learn and grow. I recommend Melanie to anyone or any organization seeking to empower themselves or their team."

Jeff Nischwitz, The Nischwitz Group

"Healthy YOU is the best program I've ever used for actually changing how I eat, and understanding why. And it's easy. I can do this for the rest of my life without feeling like I'm giving up anything."


Who am I exactly?

I’m a woman who got caught in the dieting trap. If you’ve dieted before, you know all about this trap—it’s not fun! You feel like you’re in a deep, dark well with no way out. With each new diet you try, you fall further down that well. I spent three years believing that the next diet would be “the one” and in return was led down a dark and lonely path called binge eating disorder.

I would start a new diet on Monday (of course!) and by Tuesday evening I would find myself binging on all of the foods I wasn’t “allowed” to have on the diet—cookies, candy, ice cream, chocolate, brownies, blue cake-decorating icing (yes…you read that correctly!) I was completely out of control! I was ashamed. I felt hopeless. This went on for three years of my life until I finally woke up. It wasn’t me failing the diet… it was the diet failing me! Why did it take me three years to figure this out? Because the diet industry is simply genius when it comes to marketing the latest diet. They make you believe that their diet is unlike any you’ve tried before. They make it look easy and sexy! But as you know, it’s anything but easy. In fact, it’s down right impossible!

The day I gave up dieting was the day I started living. I’ve never been healthier, more fit, or more energetic. Now I spend my time developing programs, writing, and speaking!

On paper, I am a registered dietitian nutritionist. Beneath the surface, I am:

  • An adorer of all things food (especially chocolate!)
  • A fierce advocate for dietary balance- in fact, I am often heard saying “No food is forbidden!”
  • A believer in the magical power that lies within all of us (that means YOU) to change our health for the very best.
  • Crazy passionate about helping people transform their relationship with food and create the body they were meant to live in.
  • A closet rap music-lover. Oops…I guess I’m out!
Professional stuff:

Melanie earned her Bachelor’s of Science in Dietetics from the University of Akron. She is the author of three books and the creator of the Healthy YOU program. 

Her latest book, Missing Peace, is a practical guide to connecting with your true nature through eleven principles to restore inner harmony with your food, body, and health. It guides you to the realization that no matter what your current situation, you hold within you, the power to peace.