Meet with Mel

Mel will meet with you one-on-one to help you:

  • Chose and crave foods that help you not just survive, but thrive.
  • Remove inner conflict, make peace with food, and take your power back. 
  • Implement a series of mind/body CHOICES into your daily life. Each works in concert with the others to improve your overall health and relationship to food. 

At the end of the day, all we really desire is to have peace in our lives, wouldn’t you agree? Peace in our physical body, relationships, careers, mind, and of course, peace of health. In my experience, the chase after good health is well-intentioned, but often results in unanticipated inner turmoil, as the method we adopt to lose weight or improve our health, often neglects to take into account, key human elements and untapped power that rests within each of us.

I will help you tap into that power.


Here is what you will lovingly receive from me:

  1. Personal dietary recommendations and goal-setting based on your unique needs
  2. Tracking Sheets
  3. Earthfood list including clean proteins and wholesome fats to build your meals
  4. Recommended food lists (product specific)
  5. Meal planning guidelines
  6. Simple, healthy, and tasty recipes, including:
    • Peace of Health shakes
    • Peace of Health salads
    • Earthfood-rich meals
    • Nourishing energy bite snacks


Meet with Mel Levels:

90-Minutes with Mel:
For those wanting a one-time consultation, this level includes all of the above goodies PLUS a private 90-minute coaching session with Mel.

One Month with Mel:
This level is like…we’re in a relationship. Well, almost 🙂 . We start out with a 90-minute coaching session, you receive all of the goodies above, PLUS:

  • Two, 30-minute follow-up coaching sessions (via phone) with continued goal-setting
  • Additional meal planning tools
  • More delicious recipes 
  • Weekly accountability and check-ins
  • Weekly personalized text voice messages from Melanie


Meet with Mel forms:

Health History Form

Food Journal

Please contact Melanie for more information and pricing details.