Missing Peace

For years, Melanie Jatsek had everyone fooled. She was young, thin, and studying to be a dietitian. But what no one knew was that this “perfect” girl was silently suffering an internal battle with binge eating disorder. After she healed, she was able to look back and discover all the things she was doing and thinking to fuel the fire of the disorder.

Today Melanie views her eating disorder as the best gift life could have ever offered. In this inspiring manual, Melanie shares eleven guidelines for living that call attention to and correct the self-defeating thoughts, behaviors, and choices that keep us from fully accessing peace, health, and well-being. While encouraging others to view imperfections as perfections, choose their words carefully, and connect with their inner voice, Melanie leads all of us to discover that the ultimate power to creating better health lies within. Included are Make Peace exercises, recipes for Peace of Health shakes, and lists of health-empowering Earthfoods.

Missing Peace is a practical guide to connecting with our true nature through eleven principles to restore inner harmony with our food, our bodies, and our health. It guides us to the realization that no matter what our current situation, we hold within us the power to peace.