Peace of Health Talks

What are they?

Peace of Health Talks are 45-minute casual conversations to educate and inspire individuals to step into the body they were meant to live in. These talks speak to the soul to drive real and lasting behavior change. 

Most popular Peace of Health Talks:

    • Think Your Way to Better Health (yes…really!)
      Did you know that when it comes to the state of your health, your belief system plays a starring role? In this session, you will learn about the science of epigenetics and take a peek into your mind to discover how the thoughts you repeatedly think about yourself impact your potential for good health.

    • Balanced Eating for Healthy Blood Sugar
      By taking the proper measures to clean up your body and mind through good nutrition, joyful exercise, rest, supplementation and meditation, you CAN create a healthy environment of normal blood sugar. In this talk, Melanie will show you just how to do it!

    • Peace for a Healthy Heart: The BIG Six!
      This talk reveals the three dietary components that drive inflammation and heart disease and the three that reduce your risk. Melanie offers you simple, real-life meal planning and lifestyle strategies to put into action today for a strong and healthy ticker for years to come.

    • From Brownies to Brussels Sprouts: Peace for Sugar Lovers & Junk Food Junkies
      Sugar, salt, and fat in processed food is placed there with one goal in mind: to get you hooked! Learn exactly how these cravings occur at a biological level and how to train your body to crave good-for-you foods!

    • What to Put in Your Grocery Cart (and what the heck you should do with it!)
      Wish you had your own personal dietitian to guide you down the grocery aisles to make the best choices for your health? Seek no further! Melanie takes you through each department, sharing the best, most economical foods for your kitchen, along with practical tips on how to use the ingredients to prepare nutritious and delicious meals for your family! Click HERE for a downloadable flyer.

    • Eat for Endless Energy & Laser Focus
      Your food choices can mean the difference between a sharp brain and one that’s stuck in quicksand! In this talk you will learn the FIVE FOOD ESSENTIALS and how to choose the right foods in the proper combinations to avoid common dips in energy and productivity throughout your day. BONUS: Melanie will share a list of supplements to help you gain an extra energetic edge!

    • Before Your Blood Test: A 90-Day Blueprint for Success
      Nervous about your upcoming cholesterol or blood sugar test? Are your “numbers” not where you’d like them to be? Don’t worry—all you need is a structured plan to follow in the months leading up to your blood test. In this talk, Melanie shares her 90-Day Blueprint for Success, a powerful plan containing tools and habits that, when followed, can lead to significant improvement in your numbers.

    • Mechanics of Healthy Meal Planning
      Planning healthy meals is key to creating healthy food cravings. But too many “food rules” complicate what should be a fun and nurturing experience. With her THREE BASIC GOLDEN RULES, Melanie simplifies the entire meal planning process. It’s a system she’s personally used for over a decade to satisfy hunger and balance energy and blood sugar. It really works!

    • Do-It-Yourself Shakes: The Basics of Building a Nutritious Meal-in-a-Cup
      Ten years ago, Melanie went on the hunt for a simple, convenient breakfast that would pack the most nutrition possible in one container. She found the solution in a daily shake. Using her special formula (and favorite blender), Melanie will demonstrate how to create nutritious and delicious Peace of Health Shakes loaded with powerful plant-based, nutrient-rich foods from the earth (i.e. Earthfoods). Melanie has proven time and again, that all you need to set you on the road to better health, is one nutritious meal each day. 

    • Return to Your Roots: Put an End to Emotional Eating
      Have you ever felt the strong urge to tear open a bag of chips after hearing some unexpected bad news? Any time you use food to cope with life or eat when you aren’t physically hungry, you are most certainly feeding your “head-hunger.” In this talk, Melanie takes you through a four-step process to get a handle on emotional eating triggers so that you may enjoy a peaceful relationship with your food and health, once and for all.

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Akrochem Corporation

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Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

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James Madison University

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Lineweaver Financial


Majestic Steel

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Ohio Environmental Health Association


Park Place Technologies

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