Here’s what people are saying:

"I loved it! I feel motivated to eat healthy! I am very glad I had the opportunity to be here today!"

Ryan Martinek, The Bacchus Network


Marie Steiner, Montana State University

"Simply put ... Melanie is the real deal. Her passion and commitment to transforming lives is authentic and she has already made a significant impact in many people's lives ... and the impact is growing. Despite being a dietitian, Melanie is not about diets but rather about empowering people to take back control of their lives by thinking differently about what they eat. Even more vital, Mel's messages are designed to re-energize her clients and their employees so that they can live, function and perform to their highest potential. Melanie has had a significant impact in my life through our interactions and when she speaks, it's time to listen, learn and grow. I recommend Melanie to anyone or any organization seeking to empower themselves or their team."

Jeff Nischwitz, The Nischwitz Group

"Very encouraging program! Makes me want to go make a positive change in my life!"

Niki Engier, Gonzaga University

"One of our administrators commented that she has been looking for a long time for someone like you to spread this message! Another member called your presentation “thought provoking and informative”. We would be happy to serve as a reference for you for any other groups interested in using your services."

Mark Biddlestone, Benesch

"Healthy YOU is the best program I've ever used for actually changing how I eat, and understanding why. And it's easy. I can do this for the rest of my life without feeling like I'm giving up anything."


"Melanie’s enthusiasm and energy are highly contagious! Her visuals and statements gave me an entirely different perspective on being energized from food."

Barbara Ortiz, Municipal Clerks Association

"I love that I can eat what I want without a diet, it’s all about good choices"

Folarinle Fasida, Saint Leo University

"Melanie’s presentation at CSU was just what the students wanted. Learning to eat how you want to feel is the perfect topic for stressed out college students. Melanie is an engaging speaker! She practices what she preaches, relates well to a diverse audience, has the credentials to support her topic, and is super easy to work with. Her topic and presentation style are relevant to today’s college student. She should be an annual speaker on all college campuses."

Kelly S. McCarthy, Coordinator, Student Activities, Cleveland State University

"It was the first presentation of this kind in which I actually walked away with answers!"

Keisha Bates, Gustavus Adolphus College

"I really enjoyed it and I learned a lot! I feel like I can change a lot about my lifestyle now"

Jameca Brazetton, Student, Ashland University

"This was amazing! I learned ways to try not to feel guilty about what I eat"

Jackie Knight, James Madison University

"The turnout was incredible! Attendees were giving you a 10 on a 1-5 scale! Several told me that this was the best program they have ever attended!"

Elovia Peddle, Director of Health and Wellness, Cuyahoga Community College

"In all my years of fighting my weight battle I have never met a person that is so dedicated to helping people live a healthy life. Your Healthy YOU program gives me the power and the education I need to succeed at being healthy for the rest of my life."


"It's been about 3 weeks now since I started with my "Feedbag", and I've now lost 30 pounds. Had a couple days where I ate pretty good but still didn't chow down like I used to. We were given a surprise 25th wedding anniversary party by my daughters and many friends and family were there. Most were shocked at my weight loss. I told them that you get the credit for it, and I helped a little 🙂  Anyways, still going good. I hope to look chiseled from stone for my daughters wedding on the beach of Sanibel on Aug. 14th."


"Loved everything! You kept everyone’s attention…that’s hard to do!"

Molly Steven, Clerk of Council, City of Green

"This was the absolute BEST wellness workshop ever!"

Marie Dagata, Customer Service, CCC West

"Outstanding! A+++"

Marge Molnar, Client at Lineweaver Financial

"Melanie was energetic, engaging and motivating. She takes into account normal human needs and wants and incorporates them into a healthy lifestyle!"

Christin Barone, The Ohio Educational Credit Union

"Fun…but too short!"

Sharon Comet-Epstein, Law Offices of Sharon Comet-Epstein

"Captivating presenter!"

Amber Ashby, Western Kentucky University

"Melanie helped me develop a more balanced attitude towards my diet"

Charity, Middle Tennessee State University