Thank you for being with me!

My friend,

Yesterday’s event Discover Your Missing ‘Peaces’ of Health, was just what I hoped it would be. It just warms my heart that you were there, and I hope you walked away feeling inspired to step into the healthy body you were meant to live in. It really is waiting for you…what are you waiting for? 

Remember the one homework assignment I gave you: complete your vision card. 

In perfect health and harmony, my body looks and feels:





Step into this vision upon making any choice for your well-being! Try it out for just one day and watch what happens. I promise, the more choices you make in a state of presence, while living with the end in mind, the closer you will be to that which you want to become. 

If you lost the card, click HERE for a downloadable copy!

Here are the other goodies I promised you:

  1. A list of nourishing and healing Earthfoods 
  2. A list of Craving-Buster Snacks
  3. Quick, healthy, and delicious PeaceMeal Recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


If you are interested in going deeper, here’s what you can do:  

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It really was my absolute honor and pleasure to be with you. I hope our paths cross again very soon my friend!